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1984 Writing Prompt
Prompt: Pick any one of the four ministries of 1984
(Truth, Love, Plenty, Peace) and show how the government of Oceania uses it to effectively control Outer Party members and the Proles. What specific methods does the ministry use to subjugate the citizens?
Instructions: Papers must be typed and double-spaced.
Start by planning your paper. Begin with a thesis statement (author+ work+ strong verb+ subject + claim + subtopics/reasons) which needs to be in parallel form.
Follow the TBEAR formula. You may use the expanded TBEAABEAABEAAR pattern. Use direct quotes for your evidence and cite the example with (author/page number).
Be sure to lead into your quote with information regarding its location in the novel/plot, the speaker, or other relevant material. Do not throw the quotation at the reader. Be sure to edit your work and be careful to use spell check.
You may use any helps that I offered in class and your annotated chapters in your book. Do not go onto the Internet to copy or use other people′s ideas. Turnitin will recognize this. If you plagiarize, there will be consequences. Do your own work.
Length: Paper must be no more than two pages. Follow the paragraph structure to ensure length requirement.
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