Selections from plato’s republic (see below)due: october 05 (submitted online to canvas)assignment:plato was an athenian philosopher of the classical era and one of the greatest of the greek philosophers.

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Selections from Plato’s Republic (see below)Due: October 05 (submitted online to Canvas)ASSIGNMENT:Plato was an Athenian philosopher of the Classical era and one of the greatest of the Greek philosophers. He attempted to come to grips with the fallout of the Peloponnesian War and subsequent destabilization in the Greek world, as well as wrestled in earnest with the perennial questions of humanity. As a result, he is one of the most foundational figures in the history of thought/philosophy, and thinkers, artists, and writers still grapple with his ideas today (knowingly and unknowingly). In many ways he provides the foundation for much of Western Civilization. Thus, in an attempt to meet one of the learning objectives of this course, we read and wrestle with Plato to “Better understand how ancient people (just as we do!) wrestled with the perennial questions of who we are and why we exist, and to articulate their answers which can help us better understand ourselves as well (R
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