Review the associated rubric below to ensure you have compiled and presented your materials that provides your colleagues with the necessary information and understanding concerning your organizational assessment.

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Culminating Project for OGL 357
Organizational Assessment is analogous to a going through a complete and thorough physical exam. The culminating project for this course is for you to apply knowledge learned in this course by teaching your colleagues about organizational assessment. Your task to is to develop a module related to HOW you would teach a group of colleagues about organizational assessment.
Your task for the culminating assignment is to complete three Milestones with the final Milestone incorporating the information you compiled in the first two. Please also review the syllabus for specific dates related to milestone due dates. Milestone One is due after the second module week, and Milestone Two is due after the fourth module week, and the final artifact or the Culminating Project– Milestone Three is due after the sixth module week.
Examples of the Culminating Project are posted in the COURSE ANNOUNCEMENTS.
The scenario is as follows:
Your manager has identified you as an “up and coming” leader in your organization. She recognizes your strengths and commitment to leadership and has promoted you to a more a senior position. In your new role she asked if you would be willing to take on the task of leading the organizational assessment team because of your recent graduation from Arizona State University’s Organizational Leadership program. She indicated that you can train different divisions and develop the team in the most effective way you think would work within the organization. While feeling a bit overwhelmed and excited you commit to this project. You embark on your new task with knowledge and confidence from your numerous classes in Organizational Leadership at ASU as well as your work experience in your organization.

Culminating Project Directions for OGL 357
Your Team is charged with developing a training module for employees of your organization explaining what organization assessment is, why it is important to the health of your organization, and a brief overview of the model you will use to conduct the assessment. Remember, I am not asking you to complete an entire manual related to the ″assessment″ but an introduction to the manual or presentation you would complete in your new role of directing and completing the organizational assessment. In it, you will need to clearly and concisely explain your understanding of organizational assessment, provide key attributes of what organizational assessment is, and why it is important to the health of any type of organization. Remember you are providing this to employees who have very little knowledge of organizational assessment. So, essentially this is a teaching or training exercise.
The introduction teaching/training exercise needs to describe the assessment model you selected and why you selected this module to enhance the effectiveness of the organization. Again, remember the employees have very little knowledge related to organizational assessment. It is YOUR job to teach them WHAT it is and WHY it is important to the health of any organization and package this information in a form of the introduction of a manual ″you are charged with completing related to your new responsibility or a video training introduction for your colleagues.″
Milestone Three: Due Module 7
Using your proposal from Milestone Two develop the introduction to your organizational assessment manual or presentation for your organizational assessment and submit it by the due date. Select the ONE model that you found most conducive in your Milestone 2 to highlight in this final project.
Review the associated rubric below to ensure you have compiled and presented your materials that provides your colleagues with the necessary information and understanding concerning your organizational assessment.
Develop a brief overview scenario related to a desсrіption of the organization being assessed. You can use the example in Milestone One or use your current organization or develop a fictitious one. Do not spend much time on this but you do want to set the stage. Again, creative thinking may be necessary.
Overall, the goal is to TEACH your colleagues about organizational assessment and the importance of it. Use only ONE organizational assessment model for your final project.
If you elect to do a presentation, it should include a minimum of 12 slides and include an Audio file of your presentation comments and/or your Speaker′s Notes.
If you elect to write the introduction to a manual the text should not be less than 800 words and more than 1200 word count(remember to use graphics and other “hooks” about organizational assessment for buy in). DO NOT MAKE THIS A PAPER. You must develop a learning piece for your colleagues. However you still need to include citations and references.
You should take the approach that people in your organization are busy but need this information in an effective yet efficient manner.
Make it fun yet professional – you are tasked with getting the “buy-in” from your colleagues.
Remember to review the rubric below before compiling your introduction to a manual or presentation.
As your Team develops the materials be clear that you are including the following (based on rubric):
Include all of the main elements of organizational assessment in the introduction.
Explain the importance of the organizational assessment related to the health of the organization.
Explain the organizational assessment model that will be used, why it is a fit for the organization, and provide an overview of the model.
Develop you presentation in a thorough and professional manner.

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