Proofread your essay before submission.

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This is a two-part assignment. Read closely.
This week, you read the introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 from Clear and Present Thinking. For the first part of this assignment, you will be reflecting on your personal worldview. The second part involves observing and reflecting on how others configure reality by framing language (discussed in Chapter 2).
Write 2-3 pages for your essay addressing the following:

Part One:
Write three of your personal philosophical questions (see Clear and Present Thinking, Section 2.2 Worldviews for the examples) and answer them. In what way do the major worldviews presented in the text represent your worldview?

Part Two:
People-watch those around you and in the media and how they use framing language. You can even record these observations in a notebook, or wherever you write ideas and thoughts, so you can look back at your observations to aid in writing your essay. Think about

What you notice in people′s speech or the written word (i.e., news, conversations). Use the discussion from the course textbook on framing language to help you know what to look for.
How you are affected by how others frame language. People configure reality by framing language in specific ways – often intended to direct you towards what to think about something.

Applying the ideas from the reading, address these questions:
What examples of framing language stood out to you during your observations?
How does it influence your thinking, including your thinking habits?
Do you think you believe what others want you to think?

In a concluding paragraph, after you′ve completed the body of the essay, write about what you know now that you didn′t know before this week′s study. How might you use this new knowledge going forth?

Proofread your essay before submission.
Double-space your assignment.
Use New Times Roman 12 pt. font
Be sure your paper follows a basic essay format:
brief introduction paragraph
body paragraphs
summary/conclusion paragraph
Indent each paragraph (using the tab key, not the space bar)
Include your name in the document and file name (single space in this section).
Use APA formatting for all references, if any, including references to the textbook.
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