Proofread your assignments carefully before turning

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Only do 1,2,and 3

Can use three full pages including heading, summary paragraph, and question restatement before the answer
—-Use the following format: Student Name, Course # (GBMG 341) Section (Section 2), Case Name (Iris Window Fashions USA Freight Contracts: A Legal & Ethical Dilemma) and a one paragraph summary that identifies
what the case is about, its key issues/problems and challenges, (this is not a summary nor a restatement of the case), then a restatement of each assigned question and your response. A thorough answer should integrate materials from the case, text,
readings and lectures. Some case responses may require outside research to fully respond. Be sure to include proper reference citation using the APA reference style when using outside references and include a Bibliographical Note using APA style. Case studies with three or more punctuation, grammar and spelling errors are subject to the loss of one point. Failure to follow proper format will result in my
refusal to read your case study. Proofread your assignments carefully before turning
them in to me. Case study assignments are to be double spaced, limited to three pages (not including reference page)—-
There are five attached files
1-The Management Textbook PDF (Main textbook of the class best reference other than google)
2- Article with answers for this same case (slightly different questions for the same case but it still can be use as a guide. Its very similar. Not to be directly referred to obviously. It just acts as a guide
3- Paper from professor with Ethical Systems
(Should be integrated into the answers somehow),
4- The ACTUAL ARTICLE (iris window fashion…..) for the case study with the Questions at the end (ANSWER ONLY 1, 2, AND 3)
5- Reference Case Study that I wrote which got a 95 percent grade. (example of case format)
Heavy Emphasis on Ethics with emphasis on the legal side also.

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