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1. According to our book, classification is the process of taking individual parts and putting them into different categories. Using any three to five characters of your choice, assign one different word to each character, and use examples from the book to support your categorization of each character. Make sure you use direct quotations to support your points.


2. We have seen the different ways that Julia deals with stressful situations. Sometimes these strategies are rather extreme, and sometimes they are fairly calm. Construct a classification essay that puts her methods of dealing with stressful situations into different categories. Make sure you use direct quotations from the novel to support your points.
Essay Requirements:
This essay must be a minimum of three pages, not including the Works Cited page. Make sure it is a full three pages, or your essay will lose one whole letter grade from its original score. Just to play it safe, I would go all the way to page four.
Make sure you have at least three examples in each body paragraph. These examples could be direct quotations from the novel, or you could paraphrase. Also, make sure you use signal phrases before your quotations.
Don’t forget about the Works Cited page.
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