Number of sources and formatting style

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Task Overview
For this assessment you are to write a research essay (2000 words) on a topic of interest to you. You will present a coherent point of view based on reasoned arguments and evidence on a chosen research topic.
You are asked to complete the following:
Formulate a clear research question in your area of study. Please discuss your topic/question with your lecturer.
Gather, analyse, and evaluate relevant resources on your research question. These may include academic books, academic journal articles, reports, official documents, statistical information, and information available in the public domain. NB: You must reference a minimum of 5 academic sources.
Identify and evaluate any counterclaims regarding your research question.
Discuss and evaluate any issues you consider relevant to your research question. Examples include, but are not limited to, the topics presented in the lectures (e.g., indigenous perspectives, critical thinking, and research methods)
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