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Please use essay template
Assignment Instructions
For your first essay, we are going to practice the skills we have learned in this course thus far. (Please refer to “Lessons” for additional information regarding all ″What Have We Learned″ topics listed below.)

• Create a skeleton outline before writing your paper. This will help keep your writing and thoughts organized and focused
• Scientific observations must be presented in a precise and specific format—in a scientific paper. This paper should contain some or all of the following sections: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.
• In your introduction, you must state your hypothesis. What are you going to study or prove? Then you must demonstrate the scientific methods used to test this hypothesis and your results, etc., in the next sections.
• Your words must be very clear, focused, exact, logical, conclusive, and unemotional.
• Stay focused on a simple theme throughout your writing. In other words, your introduction and other sections in your paper should be about the same topic throughout. Avoid getting off the subject.
• In good scientific writing, each paragraph makes ONE point. The lead sentence states the main idea of the entire paragraph.
• Numbers are another key element in scientific writing. Be specific! Use “3” instead of “several,” for example.
• Visuals (such as tables, charts, graphs, and photos) are good to include in a scientific paper. Don’t forget to include a figure number and brief desсrіption for each visual.
Pick ONE topic for essay one. Below are some suggestions.
• Environmental issues, such as air or water pollution, global warming, endangered animals, energy problems or alternative solutions, population issues, or an original topic you find interesting as it affects a particular region.
• Health and nutrition, such a fad or high-protein diets, presсrіption drugs or alternative treatments, diseases or disabilities, obesity, etc.
• Weather and earth science, such as flooding, sunspots or the moon’s effects on weather, cloud-seeding, or man-made rain.
• Do you have another topic idea? Message me for approval.
Now back to the essay. The template is included below. Download the attached template to your desktop and save it as the first initial of your first name, your last name, underscore (hit control and the dash key), and the essay number (not week number). Example: JSmith_essay1
On page one, change your name and other information as applicable. Include your skeleton outline on page two. Your header begins on page two as well and done for you on the template. Just add your title, as shown.
Your essay will begin on page three. You must include the following sections: introduction, materials and methods, results, and conclusion. All sections combined must be between 500-750 words.
• Include your hypothesis in your introduction. Please put it in bold to identify it quickly. (Example hypothesis: Due to its many benefits and advantages, solar energy is a valuable resource to develop and refine.)
• Research your topic carefully. Please use the APUS library to obtain your sources. Do not use the open web (absolutely NO Wikipedia). Use at least 3 but no more than 5 sources. Each source must be cited within your paper and also on your References page. Use CSE style! See Lesson 2 for detailed instructions on citing.
• In your materials and methods section, explain how this topic was researched. What specific elements were examined and how were they studied? What are the details of the experiments? What supplies, tools, techniques, and procedures were used?
• Provide the results of the above studies and your conclusion in the appropriate sections.
• Look closely at the feedback you received during week two in the peer review forum area. Incorporate those suggestions as needed into your final essay. Consider suggestions about paragraph length, lead sentences, wordiness, CSE citations, vague adjectives, etc.
Use numbers when applicable and include at least one visual. Give your visual a Figure number and a brief desсrіption.
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