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I understand that my essays must be 4-5 pages in length (cover page, and reference pages should
not be counted as part of the 4-5 pages).
I adhered to APA formatting (1 inch margins top/bottom-left/right; 12 inch font; font-Time New
Roman/Courier New, black ink only); in text citations, reference pages, non-derogatory or biased
Wikipedia, and Webster’s and other non-professional dictionaries are not acceptable
referencesfor this assignment. I did not use any of these sources.
I have included a Minimum of 10 references for essay 1. My references are from peer reviewed
journals, government web sites (.gov), educational websites (.edu), documentaries and books. I
understand that no credit will be given for sources not listed above. A minimum of 8 of my sources
are dated between 2010- present
Important Info

The order was placed through a short procedure (customer skipped some order details).
Please clarify some paper details before starting to work on the order.

Type of paper and subject
Number of sources and formatting style
Type of service (writing, rewriting, etc)

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