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There are 10 questions.
Show all work for complete credit. Work must be written and digitized to be uploaded to the exam.
While there is a link in each question you do not need to upload something for each question. You can put multiple problems in one upload and submit one document in the first problem if you would like. The preferred file format is PDF but in most cases there has not been a problem with other formats. Note that if you have problems submitting through the exam you can email your exam to me as a last resort but I should receive it before your time expires.
Once you start the exam your time will start and you will have 100 minutes to complete the exam.
Additional Information
Level of detail in solutions: Need to show work leading to the final answers
Requested Solution Format: Neatly Handwritten and Scanned
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The order was placed through a short procedure (customer skipped some order details).
Please clarify some paper details before starting to work on the order.

Type of paper and subject
Number of sources and formatting style
Type of service (writing, rewriting, etc)

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