Attach your disease research ( lyme disease) project summary sheet. click on th

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Attach your Disease Research
Project Summary Sheet. Click on the name of assignment above. Browse for file (summary sheet) on your computer, attach file. Submit.

Name your file as follows:
Disease name_Your name or Organism_Your name for example Anthrax_Sheryl.docx, OR Bacillus anthracis_Sheryl.doc. (You do not have to add the .docx, your file extension will be automatically added.)
Fill in these Word documents. There are separate documents for each type of pathogen. Choose the file for your type of pathogen. You are limited to 1.5-2 pages for your final submission. Use 12 point font and do not change the margins.
You may submit your assignment as 2 files, one for the information and one for the Works Cited. This will lower your percentage of similarity, which must be below 15% for the information sheet. The percentage for the works cited page does not matter, but check your links to make sure that they all work.
If your paper comes out above 15%, try adding some additional information or rewording what you have. If over 15% of your paper is my labels, then you don′t have enough information. Make sure to use complete sentences and include in-text citations. Make the last publish submission under 15%.
For the final submission, combine the 2 files into one file. The percentage will go up, but that is ok. Submit the last file as the one you want to be graded.
Viral pathogen.docx
Bacterial pathogen.docx
Eukaryotic pathogen.docx

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