700-800 words

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A memoir helps us to explore our past. But more than that, it helps us to find meaning in past experiences. Memoirs are not simply telling stories – they are a critical reflection on something that we have experienced that has been meaningful to us. Because we are also focusing on identity, our memoir will explore something that has impacted who we are. This could be reading a book and identifying with a character, seeing ourselves in media (TV/movies), going to an event or celebration that honored your heritage, a song or poem that has inspired us, a trip to somewhere that helped us understand something about ourselves, meeting someone who inspired you (or showed you who you don’t want to be), a poem that inspired you, etc. You have a lot of freedom with what you want to write about. Just make sure that the past experience you choose has something to do with identity – that means it impacted how you see yourself, how you act, who you want to be, your values, etc.
Remember, your memoir should have:
A meaningful experience
Vivid details
Clear significance
(check out your Norton book, pgs. 228-229 for more desсrіption on these)
While all of these should be present, make sure you aren’t forgetting that last one. A memoir is not just a cool story you’re telling your reader. You still need to have a central idea (thesis) that you want to explain to your reader. This is where we start getting into higher level writing. We want to reflect back on this experience and articulate to our reader its significance. This requires us to think critically about our own lives and experiences and figure out how to convey that to a reader.
Note: Don’t overthink the thesis! You want to clearly and simply state what this experience showed you about your identity or how it affected how you see yourself. If you can’t clearly articulate that, then chances are your essay won’t have a central purpose.
Successful papers will:
Be organized and easy to read
Have a clear perspective/central idea (thesis)
Use vivid desсrіptions
Make a clear connection between the experience and identity
Have paragraphs that deal with one idea only
Use transitions between paragraphs

Paper Requirements
700-800 words
MLA Format

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